Rugby 2018 (Non-governmental and non-profit organization ) .

Theย project (4-4-2014 to 31-12- 2018) which then moves to an academy that uses sport and rugby for social peace to unite the country and Which aims to form a conscious young generation able to achieve. The project working to create a generation isolated from civil war , Drugs, extremism, fights, and violence, a sturdy working to generation makes all Libyans proud. Sports & Rugby are the best way to achieve this goal

Creating challenges, mobilizing youth time, creating sporting cultural and social events Gave them full stimulation with a real GOAL OVER time this way, we protect children and youth from extremism, drugs and crime and (We achieve PEACE )


Aims of the project :


Use sports as an appliance to keep youth away from crime and extremism.


Harnessing Rugby to improve the social peace.


Induct sports to maintain children & young people’s health, added to decreasing diseases.


The employment of sports as medication to heal the psychological disabilities which caused by wars & catastrophes or disasters..


Motivate youth men to do sports & spread sports importance culture , to be a necessary section of the project.


Hosting The Arab Championship for Rugby to activate sport’s role in our country.


Include Rugby as school activity to make part of students life.


Host a local championships & international participations.


Construct a complete academy ( Cultural – Social – Athletic )


To be funded from private corporations & International foundations.


Establishing the first “Safe Spaces for Youth”stadium