Libya’s 20-year-old league in Benghazi was a 13-month continuous tour of six rounds each one-day round and it had a league on over 290 players, 13 coaches, 8 governors and 25 organizers throughout this period, the goal of this league was to mobilize the largest number of young people and continue For the longest time we have been able to put young people throughout this period in civil and sporting initiatives that benefit them personally and benefit the project and their society benefits so many the young people who have this league and somehow make them not leave the project because of the lack of the league and that becomes the biggest benefit for the project of the 2018 in The year 2016, which had many initiatives, such as the campaign for the region, World Youth Day and World Book Day, and their presence in school activities at the end of the mid-League, this large crowd was crowned by the selection of a group of leaders who made a major effort to win their teams to put them under the selection of internal grants and external like college UWC and technically the project benefited with this big competition which contains 3 Sunni categories under 12 years and under 16 years and under 20 years to establish the first seven-year-old national team in the history of Libya, which is under the largest initiative in project history.

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