AbdAlfattah Hamad

Abd Alfattah was rugby player for Altahaddi rugby team and then he started refereeing for the first time in 2009; he was the main referee in rugby league under 20 in 2015, participated in the international rugby tournament in Egypt 2017 and in the 3rd Arab championship 2017 as a main referee; he is one of the most important people in our teamwork as he gave a lot of workshops for the players; he refereed in 200 matches in rugby 2018 project and more than 300 matches in his career.

Anas Lameen

Birth date: 1993
Occupation: Head of protection division in LRC (Libyan Red Crescent)
Height: 184
Weight: 90
Nationality: Libyan
Position: Main referee in rugby league under 16

Saleh Mohamed

Nationality: Libyan
Birth Date: 1970
Height: 165
Weight: 70
Position: 4th referee
Residence: Benghazi
Occupation: Ministry of education

Salem Fathi

Birth Date: 1989
Occupation: Street workout coach
Position: Assistant referee for under 10 division
Nationality: Libyan
Residence: Benghazi
Weight: 71
Height: 177

Salem Ahmed

Birth Date: 1985
Occupation: Alemara office for engineering consulting
Height: 174
Weight: 68
Position: Assistant referee

Ahmed Jamal