Peace and Sport Awards 2018

We did not win the prize
But we were one of the top three  category  NGO of the year 2018 
fall forward The Rugby 2018 ambassadors have forged very important relationships with Rugby communities that work for peace and youth development, Rugby in Colombia, Spain, France, and others, we are now in a global waiting for us at the coming prize in November.

Peace and Sport Awards 2018 , As you may already know the 11 TH EDITION OF THE PEACE AND SPORT REGIONAL
FORUM will take place in OCTOBER 18TH 2018 IN RHODES, GREECE. This event
gathers more than 300 PARTICIPANTS from mainly the Mediterranean and
Balkan region and is the only Forum in the world bringing together all
the actors involved in the peace through sport movement.

This event will offer you a unique opportunity of networking in a
friendly environment. Moreover, your initiative will have visibility on
our website, social media. The Forum is the perfect occasion for you to
share your valuable work with a wide variety of actors, exchange best
practices, and meet and discuss with representatives of International
Sport Organizations, NGOs and Sport Ministries on ways to increase the
effectiveness and sustainability of your actions.


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