Our Green Zone

Green Zone

The Green Zone is an area that is especially designated for youth and children. Its goal is to attract the highest number of young people and to bring about the greatest change, creating events in this place so that it is would be the first area dedicated to the youth and children of the city.

The Rugby 2018 Project wants to use the power of sport to reach young people between the ages of 12 and 21, through the creation of “spaces” or “zones”. These spaces would be used to hold games and sporting events to raise awareness in young people, including displaced youth, of the importance of patriotism and belonging within society, the promotion of social peace, the danger of religious extremism in addition to promoting staying away from crime.

sport- create safe environments, and promote the stability of relationships among young people themselves. Young people of all ages are thus provided with opportunities to express themselves and contribute their views and ideas, becoming active persons in society, affecting change.

Before the war:

Current phase:

Stadium Plan:

Future Look:


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