Launch Forward Together 2

Launch Forward Together 2


Forward Together is a program organised by Rugby2018 project and the activity administration at Benghazi University to create a new generation of coaches in the upcoming years. Therefore, 16 players under the age of 22 were selected from the project and Benghazi University.

-The rugby2018 project wishes to use the power of sport to reach to the hugest number of youths and children who are between the age 10-19, by creating spaces through which artistic and sports activities are held to educate the desired category mentioned above about the importance of patriotism, belonging within the society, promoting social peace and moving away from extremism. Sport can also create a secure environment and fosters stable relationships among the youths themselves. As well as, provide them with opportunities to express their opinions and ideas, so they become valuable and active people in the community for the change.

-Therefore, in order to successfully reach the seven-year plan’s goal at the Green Zone, a sufficient number of coaches are required to ensure the success of the plan .

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Forward Together 2

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