We Play For Unite

We Play For Unite

It is an initiative which created the first seventh rugby team in the history of Libya, from the east and the west, where it was the last training camp in 2010 in the eastern and western Libya.

The goal of the initiate: To re-establish the relationship between the western and eastern regions through the Rugby community which is represented by the two parties, the Tripoli team and the Rugby community in the eastern region represented by Benghazi team.

The nature of these aspects: Β For more than two years, the sports activities between the eastern and western regions of Libya have been suspended as a result of political issues. Therefore the Libyan sports public felt that it is difficult to form unified teams from both sides through official federations. Thus, it started the idea of uniting rugby community in Benghazi and its suburbs with Tripoli rugby community and its suburbs, uniting them into one society and a unified team in coordination with rugby project 2018. Β To play team spirit and under three camps and external participations permeated by the workshop and parts of discussions within the exercises and off-field.


From July 17 to October 23, 2016

Number of participants:

Participants Flats Apartments Shops Targeting
100 42 740 200 3000


Benghazi, Shahat, Tripoli, Nabal, Jamal and Tunisia.

The cost of the campaign was 74,000 Libyan dinars.